Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Midnight Trading with Night Owl

I’ll spare everyone with a “lack of posts” entry and just go right to the good stuff.

It’s always a pleasure opening a package from one of the greats in the blogosphere, and ripping open the yellow package sent from Night Owl was no exception. He is, to be frank, one of the best out there. His posts are full of detail, scans, insight, and humor, the makings of a four-tool blogger. And plus, he’s a Bills fan like myself. I didn’t think we existed anymore.

Anywho, the wise Owl is currently collecting 1975 Topps minis, and it just so happened that I had a few lying around. In exchange for these minis and an assortment of Dodgers, Night Owl sent me, what else, Yanks and set needs. Let’s dig in.

2009 O-Pee-Chee #68: Phil Hughes I’ve seen O-Pee-Chee highlighted numerous times on various blogs, but much like Allen & Ginter, I’ve never collected it. I really like the feel and look to the 2009 set, despite the fact that half of Phil Hughes’s face is covered in shadow, and I may look further into obtaining the set.

1992 Bowman #124: Brien Taylor Oh, this is just cruel.

1996 Denny’s Holograms #14: Wade Boggs This would have been a fun little oddball set to if it wasn’t required to go to Denny’s 20+ times.

2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection #5344: Kevin Maas You know things were bad for the Yankees in the early 90s when Kevin Maas was a prominent player.

Night Owl topped off the package with a whole slew of Yanks and 1980 Topps, highlighted by these guys.

Thanks Greg for the awesome trade!

And you can blame high school football for the lack of posts. Two a-days aren’t fun.

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  1. It's my goal to become a five-tool blogger. ...

    Glad you enjoyed the cards!