Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Need to Move the All-Star Game

With the controversy over the new immigration law passed in Arizona, a lot of players and coaches are demanding the 2011 All-Star Game be moved from Chase Field in Phoenix. Commissioner Bud Selig, however, is ignoring pleas to move the game and he says it will remain in Phoenix.

Now, I understand the issues this causes for many foreign players in the league, but the All-Star game has nothing to do with the immigration law. You want to take a stand? Do it at the Capitol building, not at Chase Field. Don’t punish baseball fans, especially Arizona fans that haven’t seen excitement in the desert since 2001. Ozzie Guillen already said he wouldn’t participate in next year’s All-Star game if it wasn’t moved (not that he had a good chance of attending, anyway). What do you guys think?

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