Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Confession

May I make a confession? I have yet to purchase a pack of 2010 Allen & Ginter. May I make another? I don’t think I’ve purchased a pack of Allen & Ginter from any year. Yes, I know that may make me a loser in the hobby, but it’s true. To be honest, I’ve never been interested in the product, and I find it extremely overrated. The cards look and feel nice year in and year out, but other than that there is really nothing else to justify putting down big dough on boxes of Allen & Ginter. The design is the same every single year. The minis are annoying. Cards of dinosaurs and Greek mythology should never, ever be included in my packs of baseball cards. The obscure and insignificant “celebrities” take up valuable space in binders. The relic and autograph checklist is a joke. The multiple variations are a pain in the ass. I may be pessimistic, but that’s because I’ve listened to too many optimistic people.

Now, just because I refuse to put down $90+ on a box of this overrated product, I won’t mind spending some change on group breaks where I can pick up some Yanks. However, I don’t mind picking up a few Royals now and then, which is exactly what I did in Carl Crawford Cards’s monthly group break. I love participating in Paul’s breaks; the prices are great and he’s just a swell guy. Great communicator, fast shipper, and overall a great guy in the hobby. Thanks man!

Here are all the Royals pulled from the 5 boxes busted. I got the entire team set, along with inserts, except for one card… Billy Butler. Go figure. I have four copies of Joakim Soria, and no Butler base. Crazy. As hinted before, there are a lot of dupes in the stack, so let me know if you need some of these cards. The Spinosaurus and the Helio minis, along with the “celebrities” no one cares about, are up for trade as well.

Betancourt is an SP.

Zack Greinke is the A and G Back variation.


  1. I care about the minis! If you happen to know what number the Butler base card is, I'd be glad to ship you one. Maybe I could send an assortment of Royals for the minis or something? Let me know.

  2. I used to think this exact same way, but then I read about the original Allen & Ginter sets, and I "got" it.

    I don't go crazy with the set now (you can buy the base set and boatloads of autos/jerseys for WAY less than a box), but I DO like the set.

    That said, I think 2010s design is the worst of the last four years.