Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Lonely Ticket Stub

Bad Wax needs ticket stubs. Now!
And no, I didn’t go to this game; I was much too young. My father got these tickets through business and went with a few of his friends from work. They broke the sacred rule of leaving the game early and missed the big comeback in the 9th inning and Scott Brosius’s walk-off homer in the 12th. He was definitely kicking himself the next morning. (On another note; they don’t have Brosius’s walk off homer on Youtube? Or any clip from Game 5 on Youtube? This must be changed!)

Those three games in New York were possibly the most important games in Yankee history. The team from the Bronx brought the spirit back to New York by coming back to win two night in a row and lifted a broken city that was decimated by everything from terrorist attacks to anthrax scares. It’s a shame they didn’t win the series and I’ve been a D-Back hater ever since. And for all the Arizona fans that are still bragging about their victory, let’s recap at what the team has done since the 2001 World Series.

The Diamondbacks have had four winning season since 2001 and haven’t advanced past the NLCS since their World Series victory. Their front office is in shambles. They’re ranked 18th in attendance. Their best pitcher is Ian Kennedy. Tell me who got the better end of the deal.

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