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2008 Upper Deck Timeline Box Break (Part 1)

I placed an order on Dave and Adam’s to get some binders shipped, and I figured I might as well get a box to hold me over spring break. The well-priced 2008 Upper Deck Timeline caught my eye, and I decided to purchase it. The set chronicles various designs throughout Upper Deck’s history and is loaded with rookies and parallels. I wanted to showcase all the different cards found in the box, and instead of boring you guys to tears with a long entry, I’ve separated the break into two posts. Here’s part one. Let’s bust!

Pack 1:
#19: Prince Fielder
#100: Nick Adenhart (RC) This card made me take a step back. I remember reading about Adenhart’s tragic death and how disgusted I was. Not necessarily about his death, but more at myself for going straight onto eBay and purchasing one of his rookie cards. Adenhart had tremendous talents, and I’m sure he would have been a household name… but I only knew the pitcher because of the catastrophic car crash he was involved in and that sort of repulses me. I have trouble looking at his cards.

1992 UD Minor League #117: Greg Smith (RC) This is one of the many variations you’ll find in the “base set” of 2008 Upper Deck Timeline. This mirrors the design used in the 1992 Minor League set. While it is fun to look at all the different deviations of cards, it can be a pain in the butt to organize and sort, especially if you have OCD.

1994 SP Rookie Card #349: Nyjer Morgan (RC) This is my favorite variation in the set; I love the smooth feel and the shine of the card (the scans don't do these cards justice). Nyjer Morgan isn’t a bad player, either.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes 20th Anniversary #163: Joe Mauer Yet another variation, and my least favorite to boot. The difference between these “20th Anniversary” cards and the regular “All-Time Heroes” set is the gold foil stamp on the corner of the card.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #164: Derrek Lee Yeah… they look exactly the same. Upper Deck loves making more parallels for me to categorize and sort.

1995 SP Top Prospects #193: Jeff Baker I’m not a big fan of die-cuts, minis, or any of that mumbo jumbo (actually, I do like jumbo cards). At least the photography is good.

2004 UD Timeless Teams #227: Jed Lowrie (RC) I’m a big fan of the “Timeless Teams” set from 2004 and the design looks just as good in 2008 Upper Deck Timeline. By the way, my next wantlist will be for 2004 Timeless Teams, for all of you who are dying to know what I need.

Pack 2:
#29: Chien-Ming Wang
#88: Burke Badenhop (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #127: Rico Washington (RC)
Upper Deck Timeline Gold #40: Miguel Cabrera
The gold parallel to the base set. It doesn’t really stand out compared to other gold variations I’ve seen in other sets.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes 20th Anniversary #136: David Ortiz
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #145: Alex Rodriguez
1995 SP Top Prospects #209: Steve Holm
2004 UD Timeless Teams #304: Clayton Kershaw (RC)

Pack 3:
#28: Derek Jeter
#87: Wladimir Balentien (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #126: Reed Johnson Not sure why they used an alternative Cubs logo, but I like it.

1995 SP Rookie Card #380: Rico Washington This confused the crap out of me. I originally thought it was a “Top Prospects” card, but the gold foil had me double-guessing. I finally figured out that it belonged to a completely different variation. Thanks, Upper Deck!

1992 UD Minor League #125: Paul Janish (Auto) (RC)An autograph! Now who the hell is this? “Timeline” is known for its awful autographed cards. Stickers + no name players = crap.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #156: Manny Ramirez
1995 SP Top Prospects #203: Randor Bierd (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #241: Travis HafnerI would like to mention another key factor in making “2004 Timeless Teams” on of my favorite sets, the back. Not only does it have a nice design and write-up, it features a stunning photo of the home stadium.

Pack 4:
#2: David Wright
#79: Josh Banks (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #123: Max Scherzer (RC)
1995 SP Top Prospects #182: Brian Bocock (Auto) (RC) My second of the two guaranteed autographs. Since I already knocked them all out, opening the rest of the packs won’t be as exciting. Or so the memorabilia card collectors think…

1994 SP Rookie Card #348: Evan Meek (RC)
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #136: David Ortiz
1995 SP Top Prospects #200: Micah Hoffpauir (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #221: Nick Markakis

Pack 5:
#46: Torii Hunter
#10: Chase Utley
#69: Micah Hoffpauir (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #124: Nick Swisher
1993 SP Rookie Card #334: Nick Blackburn (RC) Between this year and the 1994 SP, I have to lean toward ’94. I like the design much better, although both cards are fun to look at.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #140: Chien-Ming Wang
1995 SP Top Prospects #185: Cha Seung Baek
2004 UD Timeless Teams #255: Torii Hunter

Pack 6:
#47: Josh Hamilton
#20: Albert Pujols
#73: Alexei Ramirez (RC) I remember I picked this guy to man second base for me in a fantasy league last year. That didn’t go too well.

1992 UD Minor League #105: Clay Timpner (RC)
1993 SP Rookie Card #333: Clayton Kershaw (RC) Damn, damn. That’s a beautiful card.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #163: Joe Mauer
1995 SP Top Prospects #210: Travis Hafner
2004 UD Timeless Teams #235: Ken Griffey Jr.

Pack 7:
#36: Jim Thome
#96: Jeff Samardzija (RC)
Bless you.

1992 UD Minor League #106: Clete Thomas
Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy #1672: Joe DiMaggio Don’t we miss these?

Upper Deck Timeline Gold #49: Felix Hernandez
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #131: Randy Johnson
1995 SP Top Prospects #194: Jeff Keppinger
2004 UD Timeless Teams #269: Carlos Gomez

Pack 8:
#11: Ryan Howard
#38: Travis Hafner
#55: Johnny Cueto (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #114: Fred Lewis
1994 SP Rookie Card #340: Clay Buchholz (RC) At least most of the rookies (aside from the autographs) are recognizable.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #147: Brandon Webb
1995 SP Top Prospects #192: Jay Bruce (RC) Hopefully Bruce can have a bounce-back season after last year’s injury-riddled one. I remember watching his first at-bat in the big leagues. He drew a walk and showed poise and patience that some major leaguers don’t possess, and I had high hopes about his future. Stay healthy, Jay!

2004 UD Timeless Teams #249: Jeremy Hermida

Here’s the conclusion of part one. The rest of the packs and a reflection of the break will follow. Stay tuned!

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