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2008 Upper Deck Timeline Box Break (Part 2)

Here’s Part 2 of the arguably thrilling 2008 Upper Deck Timeline box break.

Pack 9:
#9: Mark Teixeira
#27: Alex RodriguezA-Rod has gotten off to a slow start this season. Then again, the whole team usually gets off to a slow start.

#60: Luke Hochevar (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #129: Scott Kazmir
1994 SP Rookie Card #333: Clayton Kershaw (RC) Damn, damn. That’s a beautiful card.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #176: Clay Buchholz
1995 SP Top Prospects #195: Jesus Flores
2004 UD Timeless Teams #283: Greg Smith

Pack 10:
#8: Chipper Jones
#82: J.R. Towles (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #122: Matt Joyce (RC)
Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy #1722: New York Yankees I believe this is my first “Yankee Stadium Legacy” card without a specific player on it. I’m not a big of fan of the fact that Yankee Stadium is no where in the picture. But it’s still a cool picture.

1995 SP Rookie Card #367: Daric Barton (RC)
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #138: Mark Teixeira
1995 SP Top Prospects #201: Nick Blackburn (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #263: Justin Morneau

Pack 11:
#18: Ryan Braun
#45: Vladimir Guerrero
#78: Clete Thomas (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #102: Brandon Phillips
1993 SP Rookie Card #316: Ian Kennedy (RC) Shiny Yankees = happy collector.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #158: David Wright
1995 SP Top Prospects #204: Rich Hill
2004 UD Timeless Teams #297: Erik Bedard

Pack 12:
#44: Frank Thomas
#30: David Ortiz
#93: Brandon Boggs (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #119: Joey Votto (RC) Votto is a reincarnation of Todd Helton. Great bat, good glove, and classy player.

1993 SP Rookie Card #315: Clay Buchholz (RC)
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #165: Miguel Cabrera
1995 SP Top Prospects #183: Burke Badenhop (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #277: Derek Jeter 2008 Upper Deck Timeline knows how to make a combination. A design of one of my favorite sets, great photography, and Derek Jeter makes for an awesome card.

Pack 13:
#26: Randy Johnson
#35: Roy Halladay About time! I don’t think I’ve pulled a Halladay in the last four boxes I’ve busted.

#59: Alberto Gonzalez (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #104: Chris Duncan
Gold #13: Alfonso Soriano Soriano buys his eye black from Aztec warriors.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #174: Daric Barton (RC)
1995 SP Top Prospects #206: Russell Martin
2004 UD Timeless Teams #291: Tim Lincecum

Pack 14:
#50: Erik Bedard
#51: Daric Barton (RC) I should have collected Daric Barton. I pull at least two of his cards every box I bust.

1992 UD Minor League #111: Elijah Dukes
Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy #1647: Spud Chandler
1994 SP Rookie Card #346: Justin Masterson (RC)
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #167: Ichiro Suzuki
1995 SP Top Prospects #186: Chris Smith (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #217: Chipper Jones

Pack 15:
#23: Matt Kemp
#83: Eugenio Velez (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #120: Jonathan Van Every (RC)
Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy #1622: Joe Gordon
1995 SP Rookie Card #364: Joey Votto (RC) The front of the card is beautiful; however I’m not a fan of the back. Why ruin the card with a picture of Votto in that ugly camouflage uniform?

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #149: Derek Jeter
1995 SP Top Prospects #196: Joakim Soria
2004 UD Timeless Teams #231: Derrek Lee

Pack 16:
#5: Johan Santana
#41: Justin Verlander
#56: Black DeWitt (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #115: Felix Pie
1993 SP Rookie Card #318: Chin-Lung Hu (RC)
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #175: Ian Kennedy Not sure why this isn’t considered a “rookie card” when every other Ian Kennedy card in the set is.

1995 SP Top Prospects #205: Ross Ohlendorf (RC)
2004 Timeless Teams #245: Miguel Cabrera

Pack 17:
#17: Ken Griffey Jr.My eyes can’t take Griffey in a White Sox uniform.

#1: Jose Reyes
#77: Denard Span (RC) The Yankees need to trade for this guy… now.

1992 UD Minor League #113: Evan Longoria (RC)Well it took a while, but I finally pulled a Longoria rookie. He always has good photos for his baseball cards.

Upper Deck Timeline Gold #80: Clay Timpner (RC)
1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #161: Ken Griffey Jr.
1995 SP Top Prospects #184: Callix Crabbe (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #305: Carl Crawford

Pack 18:
#37: Grady Sizemore
#64: Hiroki Kuroda (RC)
1992 UD Minor League #108: Craig Breslow
1993 SP Rookie Card #324: Brian Bocock Oh man, it’s the Brian Bocock box!

Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy #1697: New York YankeesAnother no-player “Yankee Stadium Legacy” card. Once again, another cool picture that has nothing to do with Yankee Stadium.

1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #143: Johan Santana
1995 SP Top Prospects #202: Nyjer Morgan (RC)
2004 UD Timeless Teams #213: Max Scherzer (RC)

If you like rookies, variations, and crappy autographs, then this is the set for you. I appreciate the 2004 Timeless Teams design out of all the variations, but the 1993 and 1994 SP designs are great as well. I think the box was well worth the price I got it for. Now who wants some Brian Bocock cards?

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