Friday, June 25, 2010

Mailday, Anyone?

We haven’t seen a mailday in a while on For Card’s Sake. I haven’t been buying much Halladay online and my trades have been waning. But don’t fret beautiful people, because I can knock out your mailday needs with a double mailday rolled into one post (For Card’s Sake have seen its fair share of “two for the price of one” entries though).

The first package in the mail today came from a sale I made through Beckett. Yes, I know, Beckett. Boo me, throw tomatoes at me, do whatever you please. Despite how much you hate the company, most of the people on the message boards are pretty friendly and are excellent traders. I picked up a small but nice stack of Kansas City Royals cards for a sweet deal thanks to a wonderful seller. Here are th- whoa, what? Kansas City Royals? I thought you were a Yankees fan, you lying son of a gun! Well yes, I am a dear Yankees fan at heart, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like another team… even if they are the Royals. I love their colors, their stadium, and I’m a big fan of the young talent on their squad (Billy Butler and Joakim Soria are studs). Plus, how can you hate a team that Bo Jackson played for? Now that that’s cleared up, it’s time to check out the cards.

2008 Bowman Chrome X-Fractors #141: Zack Greinke (Numbered to 250)
Nice X-Fractor of Greinke, who’s record should be no indication of his talent.

2007 Ultra Rookie Autographs #232a: Joakim Soria (RC) (Auto) (Numbered to 299) Nice rookie card auto by the best closer not named Rivera or Nathan.

2009 Sweet Spot Swatches BB: Billy Butler My boy Butler. He’s second in doubles and sixth in hits in the American League all while posting a .324 batting average. The most impressive number, however, is the 36 strike outs in 281 at bats. He’s a beast and look for more striking numbers in the future.

2005 Donruss Champions Impressions Material #161: Frank White Bat T4
Royal favorite Frank White + eye-popping design + beautiful color scheme = friggin' sweet card. I also appreciate how “this enclosed piece of material was cut from an Authentic Item personally worn/used by Frank White in an official Major League Baseball game” instead of “having been used in an official MLB game”. Thanks Donruss! You guys still do licensed baseball cards right?

The second package came from eBay, where I scored this beauty.

2007 Topps Chrome Red Refractors #70: Javier Vazquez (Numbered to 99) Ever since I pulled the Matt Kemp refractor, I’ve fallen in love with this parallel set. These are some of the best lookin’ cards I’ve ever seen in person. It’s gonna be a mission to collect the entire set, and a daunting one at that. Each card is numbered to 99 and can be pulled only as a box loader. Yikes. But hey, I got two down, and if you have any lying around you know where to send them.

There’s your mailday and “two for the price of one” post fix. Savor.

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  1. I don't know what it is about the Royals. I don't really have a favorite baseball team, but I collect Billy Butler and Bo Jackson. I've been looking for a team to start following. Maybe it's KC?