Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a Deal! Two Group Break Posts for the Price of One!

Welcome to QVC, your home shopping expert! Aren’t you just tired of the boring posts about group break contents other collectors received? Especially if your favorite blogger was in two, count em, two group breaks recently. Now you’re stuck reading dreary and lackluster posts about how they cry tears of joy when they receive a relic and how they complain about all the doubles. But, wait! Fear not friends! We have the perfect solution for you! Take a look at our brand, spanking new Two Group Break Posts for the Price of One deal! It contains the contents of Nick two group breaks rolled into one post! What a find! You’ll never see this again!

In his first group break, Nick participated in the group break sponsored by Chris over at Nachos Grande. He picked up the Yankees for a fair price and had a chance to pick up a ton of cards of his favorite team from various sets within the past 15 years! Sure enough, the break produced Nick with an excellent number of cards. First up, some base cards.

Check out his great stash of inserts!

But hey, that’s not all! He also picked up this excellent looking relic card for the same exact price! Wow!

2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean’s List Jersey DL-JG: Jason Giambi

Did he need an extra post for the stripe? No folks, it’s all included! What a bargain! All these beautiful cards lumped into one post! Stellar! Now, you may think that you will have to wait another two-three days to find out what Nick received in his other group break… but you’re wrong! Dead wrong! Just like you were when you left me Kelly! Yeah, remember that? How’re the kids now Kelly?! Huh?! ARE YOU A BETTER PERSON NOW KELLY?!


With the Two Group Break Posts for the Price of One deal, you get to see what Nick got in his second group without the wait and extra post! Yazoo! Nick participated in the Sewingmachineguy's highly anticipated group break. Because the Yanks were already taken, Nick picked the Royals for a great price (he has a soft spot for the club in KC). He received a nice bunch of 2008 Upper Deck base cards of Royals that he barely knows and only one Alex Gordon and a slew of Yankee Stadium Legacy inserts from the 2008 SP Legendary Cuts boxes that were busted. But as if fate had its eye on him, he got this beauty.

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia 75 LM-BJ: Bo Jackson (Numbered to 75)

Wow! Now that’s a sexy card! Men, if you want the ladies all over you, you better get out and get yourself a Bo Jackson relic!

You thought you had to wait before you could see the contents of Nick’s two group breaks, but with the amazing Two Group Break Posts for the Price of One deal, you’re satisfaction is completely filled! How much do you expect to pay for this incredible offer? $12.99? $29.99? How about three easy payments of $34.56! What a steal! Don’t go anywhere folks, because we have a pair of Mark Lemke’s underwear up for sale! Stay tuned!

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