Saturday, October 2, 2010

2008 UD Masterpieces Hobby Box Break

I can’t remember the last time I broke a box. Maybe two months ago? A lot of differing factors contributed to the lack of breaks. My time has been consumed by everything from school to football, and money isn’t exactly flowing out my butt. I was mocked by Blowout Cards specials coming through my e-mail twice a week. I needed to bust something! Anything! So I got this… a cheap hobby box of 2008 UD Masterpieces. Two hits with a great looking base set for close to nothing… um yeah. I’m all over that. Let’s roll.

Pack 1:
#59: Jay Bruce (RC) And the first card of the box is… a hyped rookie that everyone wanted to desperately collect in 2008. Reminds me of someone…

#110: Yogi Berra (SP) And the second card of the box is… a short print of a Yankee! Box breaks recover oh so quickly.

Stroke of Genius Signatures SG-EV: Edison Volquez And the third card of the box is... a hit! Volquez has a nice lookin’ signature and of course nothing beats on card.

#21: Derrek Lee
#51: Justin Morneau
#37: Hanley Ramirez

Pack 2:
#36: Miguel Cabrera
Black Border #99: Ken Griffey Jr. I love this picture. Not to mention its bordered and a short print. Holla!

#99: Ken Griffey Jr. (SP) Two Griffeys in a row? Two short prints in a row? I’ll take it. By the way, I love this picture.

#13: Curt Schilling
#77: Jake Peavy
#63: Hideki Matsui

Pack 3:
#92: Cal Ripken Jr. (SP)
Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection Memorabilia YSM-SL: Sparky Lyle Case hit! Case hit! Case hit! Case hit! Sweeeeeeet. I was fortunate enough to pull a Chien-Ming Wang a few years ago from a pack of Sweet Spot, but accidentally chipped the border while trying to stuff it in a top loader. It’s nice to pull another one, this time without damaging it. While Lyle isn’t the biggest name to come out of the checklist, he’s still an important part of Yankee history and a great addition.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection #4228: Reggie Jackson Yup, these are here again. Not as exciting as pulling a memorabilia card, but it satisfies this Yankees fan.

#46: Robin Yount
#32: Justin Verlander
#18: Alfonso Soriano

Pack 4:
#24: Adam Dunn
Blue Border #82: Felix Hernandez (Numbered to 125) Dominate against the Yankees, mediocre against other teams. Seriously look up the splits, it’s ridiculous.

#108: Joe DiMaggio (SP)
#84: Jason Varitek
#70: Jimmy Rollins
#42: Andruw Jones

Pack 5:
#8: Jim Palmer
#78: Barry Zito
#38: Lance Berkamn
Yankee Stadium Legacy #653: Lefty Gomez
#35: Magglio Ordonez
#56: Jose Reyes
#7: Evan Longoria (RC) We now know that Evan Longoria investors are far smarter than Stephen Strasburg investors.

Pack 6:
#10: Nick Markakis
#73: Freddy Sanchez I’m not sure how this picture is even possible. At what angle could Freddy Sanchez be on deck and nothing but Pittsburgh’s skyline is in front of him? If anyone could provide some insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

#52: Ken Griffey Jr,
Yankee Stadium Legacy #603: Tony Laggeri
#81: Ichiro Suzuki
#67: Eric Chavez
#53: Carlos Beltran

Pack 7:
#87: Michael Young
#17: Manny Ramirez
Black Border #67: Eric Chavez
#28: Travis Hafner
#14: Daisuke Matsuzaka Cover boy alert!

#49: Harmon Killebrew

Pack 8:
#45: Hunter Pence
#31: Todd Helton
#3: Randy Johnson “I guess everybody’s happy that I threw at Jon Kruk.”

Yankee Stadium Legacy #628: Bill Dickey
#9: Brooks Robinson
#30: Matt Holliday
#72: Bill Mazeroski

Pack 9:
#12: Wade Boggs
Red Border #96: Ernie Banks (SP) (Surprisingly not numbered) You’d think a nice red bordered card would be numbered… but alas. Actually, the red bordered cards that are numbered are 1/1s, so you may guess I was pretty excited to pull a red bordered SP. Regardless of its numbering, or lack of, it’s nice to pull a legend like Mr. Cub.

#119: Dave Winfield (SP) Interesting choice to depict Winfield on the Blue Jays. Sure he won a championship with them and had a good season… but do people remember Winfield as a Blue Jay?

#58: Ian Kennedy (RC)
#44: James Loney
#25: Joe Morgan

Pack 10:
#80: Tim Lincecum
#66: Robinson Cano
Black Border #89: Roy Halladay Roy! I think I already have a black border of Doc, but you can’t have too many of those.

#11: Carl Yastrzemski Do Sox fans get pissed when people can’t spell or pronounce Yastrzemski?

#74: Luke Hochevar (RC) Oh man… definitely a candidate for “Unintentionally Hilarious Cards”.

#4: Chipper Jones

Pack 11:
#12: Wade Boggs Double alert! Double alert! And the first card in the pack again. And the first card in the pack again. C’mon UD… C’mon UD…

#107: Lou Brock (SP) Okay, UD, I may understand Winfield, but why in God’s name do you put Lou Brock in a Cubs uniform? Why, why, why? Name me three people that remember Lou Brock in a Cubs uniform. I dare you.

Captured on Canvas CC-CF: Carlton Fisk Holy snikes that’s sexy! This card is extremely thick… the way I like my women. The jersey piece actually has some sort of originality; a stitch is going straight through the middle with the upper part looking like mesh. Nice to get the original Pudge instead of… Kelly Johnson. Yikes.

#80: Tim Lincecum

Pack 12:
#89: Roy Halladya
#61: Mariano Rivera I don’t know what I’m going to do when Mo retires. Honestly… I’m scared.

Black Border #40: Alex Gordon
#88: Frank Thomas
#60: Whitey Ford
#39: Roy Oswalt

That was a nice little break to get back into the groove of things. Definitely one of my better breaks. I was stoked to get the Yankee Stadium Legacy hit and the nice bordered cards of short prints. 2008 UD Masterpieces has eclipsed 2007 UD Masterpieces in my book, and I’m seriously considering collecting everything in the set. And I mean everything.


  1. I can't believe I haven't discovered this blog yet! Very fun to read break, I too am a Yankees fan, and I too LOVE Masterpieces!

  2. Hey Drew, thanks for the compliments... they are much appreciated! I've read your blog a few times and I really enjoy it. It's good to see another Yanks fan, instead of all the Yankee haters that dominate the blogosphere.

  3. As an unabashed Yankee hater, I'm completely offended! Just kidding. I've never opened a box of those, but they always look fun and also are a pretty good value. I wish they would bring Masterpieces back, or Beardy could put his into production.

  4. Just came across your blog and I think its great. I have just gotten back into things and would love to do some trades. I seem to have quite a bit of yankess stuff.

    Would you give up some Braves stuff, and from this post the Chipper Jones, Andruw Jonws and the Longoria?


    email me at