Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cards from Cards on Cards... Cards

When you receive a package from Kerry over at the excellent Cards on Cards, you can expect something extremely great and something extremely odd. The latest stack of cards he sent over certainly had both. Let's take a gander.

2003 Upper Deck Victory #54: Derek Jeter I have heard of Victory before but never possessed one until this card. It looks to be some sort of game-gimmick, and you know how mad those get me. Let’s ignore that and savor the obnoxious tie-die borders and the flimsy card material. Gee, I’m not liking Victory too much.

2002 MLB Showdown Strategy S34: Mariano Rivera An oddball Mo card? Sure, why not? I’ve never heard of this MLB Showdown thing either, but it looks to be another sort of game-gimmick. Did I do something wrong Kerry?

2009 Topps Chrome X-Fractor #101: Jorge Posada Jorge is actually having a decent postseason, which is coming as a pleasant surprise. In fact, quite a few Yanks that have disappointed in the regular season seem to be picking it up in October.

2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes #88: Andy Pettitte Another first encounter from a particular set, this time 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes. However, I’m really digging this set. The cards have beautiful designs and a nice feel to them, and after looking up the set, I have a strong interest in purchasing a box.

1998 Pacific Online #505: Derek Jeter Another oddball card just for good measure. This was some sort of online code thing Pacific came out with in 1998 (did people even know what the internet was in ’98) and from the looks of it, it just seems like a pain in the ass. The photo’s nice, though.

1999 Bowman #171: Mario Encarnacion For Card’s Sake favorite Mario Encarnacion. We first saw Mario in the Chrome version of this card, and it’s always nice to add to the small collection. I’m hoping to receive more in the near future.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Charcoal #169: Roy Halladay (Numbered to 399) Not one…

2010 Topps Heritage Chrome C76: Roy Halladay (Numbered to 1961) … but two numbered Halladay cards. The Heritage card also marks the first serial numbered card in my collection with Doc in a Phillies uniform.

Once again, a very productive trade from Kerry. Thank you, gentle knight.


  1. Is that the only want list you have. My needs are lengthy, but then there are the cards I need. Hah...I slay myself.

  2. That want list is a facade. His real want list consists exclusively of game-based cards and the gimmicks that love them.

  3. Game-based gimmick cards are almost as low as 2007 Topps base set. Now that's saying somnething.