Monday, October 11, 2010

Late LCS Purchases

Yeah, I remember when my LCS used to have a good owner. I remember when it actually had set store hours, too. Those were the good ol’ days. I picked these up about four weeks ago.

1994 Flair #340: Alex Rodriguez (RC) My first official rookie card of the great A-Rod. Although not as desirable as the SP RC, it’s sure a spiffy edition to the collection.

1973 Topps #258: Tommy John Here’s hoping he reaches the Hall as a pioneer. The surgery that saves pitcher’s careers is only coined after him for Chrissakes.

1973 Topps #80: Tony Oliva Tony Oliva of the Minnseota Twins. Wait, that’s not spelled right… ERROR CARD.

Got some good prices on these cards and would be willing to spend more bucks… but in order to do that, they need to be friggin’ open!

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