Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Goodness (And Yes, It's Possible)

Topps Chrome was one of the most disappointing products of the year… and for good reason. Facing quality issues such as centering, smeared autographs, and missing cards, Chrome saw prices and popularity fall faster than Dakota Fanning’s career. There could be a lot more said about the crapiness of Topps Chrome and its step-sister Bowman Chrome, but I really do feel bad for these guys. 2010 was just an awful year for Topps.

But does this scare me away? If Angela Jolie’s latest film doesn’t, then this certainly won’t (okay I lied, Angela Jolie’s latest film did scare me, but for all the wrong reasons). I picked up a couple of cards from the set and I’m digging them thus far.

I pulled a Spastikmooss and made a purchase through the Blowout Cards forums. I got a good deal on two Chrome wrapper redemption refractors cards from a very friendly seller. These cards are nothing short of beautiful.

#184: Ike Davis
Sorry Mets fans, I’m keeping this bad boy.

#226: Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle in a Topps product. I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming.

And I scooped up this A-Rod 206 insert off the bay.

2010 Topps Chrome 206 Chrome #TC20: Alex Rodriguez (Numbered to 999)
This card has a serious, serious, serious, serious bow to it. I don’t think it will flatten out until June… 2014.

The wrapper redemption checklist doesn’t look too bad; perhaps this shall be a fun little eBay pursuit down the road. But we shall see. Farewell.