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A Star Quest... Quest

The Upper Deck Star Quest insert is extremely fun to collect. The parallels can piss some people off, but some enjoy collecting and searching for the different variations. While we won’t be blessed with any new Star Quest sets in the foreseeable future (how’re people enjoying the new monopoly? Wish there was another company to go to when one keeps putting out miscut cards and missing hits!), we have sets from 2008 and 2009 to savor. I picked up a box of 2008 Upper Deck First Edition on the cheap because I liked the photography of the set and it’s relatively easiness to complete. Instead of posting yet another boring box break, let’s have fun! The 2008 First Edition Star Quest set has no parallels. Let’s see if we can complete the entire set within one box. Are we all ready?

SQ-8: Ryan Howard
Good start, although I’m not a big fan of Howard. Living in the Philadelphia area, I’m subjected to hearing how Howard is one of the best players in the league at least twice a week. But hey Philly, only 7 more years of backwards Ks to go!

SQ-11: Carlos Lee
We seem to be progressing worse and worse as we move along. This year, Carlos batted .246 with an awful .291 OBP.

SQ-21: Johan Santana
What do Johan Santana and Barry Zito have in common? They’re both lefties! And both have ridiculous contracts neither of them have lived up to. Zito is a joke, period. Santana has put up good numbers when pitching, and that’s a big when. He’s been hit with the injury bug the past two years with the Mets, the biggest being surgery on his shoulder at the end of the 2010 season.

SQ-8: Ryan Howard
A dupe already? Crap. Well, at least we have some breathing room with about 31 more packs to go.

SQ-20: Alex Rodriguez
Another year of 30 homers. I’m not sure how he pulled it out of his butt like that, but hey, I’ll take it.

SQ-19: Jose Reyes
I hate this guy.

SQ-14: David Ortiz
I hate this guy, too.

SQ-26: Jim Thome
Had a little comeback year with the Twins, batting .283 while popping 25 homers and getting on base at a nice .412 clip. With those 25 bombs, he moved up to eighth place all-time on the homerun list.

SQ-28: Brandon Webb
Here’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Apparently the D-Backs didn’t pick up his option and now he’ll hit the free agent market. There are rumors going around that the Yanks have an interest in signing him to a “low risk-high reward” deal that worked oh-so-well for the Red Sox in 2009.

SQ-29: David Wright
I respect Wright not for just his baseball skills, but for being the only white infielder on the Mets for about four years, maybe longer. Mets fans should be thanking the baseball gods for firing Omar Minaya.

SQ-19: Jose Reyes

SQ-4: Ken Griffey Jr.
We should do a study to see how many people collect Junior. I think he may be the most collected player in the past two decades.

SQ-26: Jim Thome

SQ-30: Michael Young
I’ve always liked Michael Young and was glad that he made the postseason this year. Although his numbers were subpar (only 5 hits with no homers or RBIs), it’s good that he finally got on a big stage.

SQ-13: Magglio Ordonez
Ordonez has been another player hit with the injury bug the past few years. He re-signed with the Tigers for one year at 10 million buckaroos.

SQ-24: Mark Teixeira
This doesn’t look right… something about it… what the hell is that A on his cap?

SQ-6: Travis Hafner
I’ve already insulted Travis Hafner once on this blog, so the poor man gets a pass.

SQ-3: Prince Fielder
Narrowly missed playing in 162 games for two seasons in a row. His numbers were down across the board in 2010, coming nowhere close to his 2009 production in homers, RBIs, SLG, or OPS.

SQ-3: Prince Fielder
No one should be subjected to seeing Prince Fielder twice in a row.

SQ-29: David Wright

SQ-1: Ichiro Suzuki
Another great season from Ichiro. We’re probably looking at the first Asian player to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Oh wait, I forgot the immortal Kei Igawa.

SQ-7: Matt Holliday
Holliday produced another solid season this year, posting his usually numbers in all the major offensive categories.

SQ-9: Derek Jeter
I’ve already ranted about Jeter being a little jerk in the whole contract issue. Let’s just marvel at the cover boy’s grace and poise on this card.

Okay, I’ve had enough, let’s move on.

SQ-20: Alex Rodriguez
You can never OD on A-Rod.

SQ-23: Alfonso Soriano
Although I’m not a big fan of Soriano, I do like the photo they used on here. He had a very mediocre season with none of his numbers really standing out. However, his stolen base total does. Remember when he was stealing 40 bases a year with the Yankees? Yeah, he only stole 5 this year.

SQ-25: Frank Thomas
Boss. ’Nuff said.

SQ-6: Travis Hafner

SQ-12: Justin Morneau
Was hotter than Wendy Peffercorn before he went down with a concussion that sidelined him for the remainder of the season. He and Mauer bring their A-game every year it seems like and Twins fans should be very lucky to watch these two play every day.

SQ-22: Grady Sizemore
Are there any Sizemore super collectors out there? I know he has a massive following with the ladies and he’s essentially the face of the franchise, but I don’t think I’ve seen any major Grady Sizemore collections. Maybe because he’s been one of the most injured players in the league? He only played in 33 games this year due to microfracture surgery on his left knee.

SQ-16: Albert Pujols
All hail the king! Now, would he move to outfield when he plays for the Yanks in 2011, or will Teixeira have to give up his position?

SQ-3: Prince Fielder

SQ-11: Carlos Lee

SQ-16: Albert Pujols
It doesn’t hurt to see Al again.

SQ-10: Chipper Jones
So Chipper is coming back, right? He didn't exactly set the world on fire before he got hurt last year, matching his woeful '09 stats with a .265 BA and a .426 SLG. He did maintain a nice .381 on base percentage and walked more times than he struck out for the 11th season in 17 years.

SQ-14: David Ortiz

SQ-27: Chase Utley
While the Phils have one of the most dominate rotations in baseball in the past decade, their offense still needs another bat. If they do fail to sign someone to replace Werth, then Utley needs to have a hell of a season to make up for it.

Well, we came up three cards short in completing the entire set of Star Quest. I’m missing #2 (Ryan Braun), #5 (Vladimir Guerrero), and #17 (Hanley Ramirez). If anyone out there has these cards in mint condition, I’ll happily take them off your hands. We need to finish this insert and put 2008 Upper Deck First Edition to bed.

Wait, what?


Yes, apparently there is 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update; a set of cards that are made up of subjects from Series 2 of UD’S flagship brand from the same year. Marvelous. This is where the rest of the Star Quest checklist (and Update checklist) can be found, so we aren’t even close to finishing this bad boy out. Good thing Update boxes are as cheap as their older sibling.

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