Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Haul

Merry belated Christmas everybody. I wanted to check in and showcase my haul this year. Along with a brand new Mac Book Pro (holla!) and iPod Touch (holla again!), I received a lot of CDs, DVDs, clothes, and all that good stuff. No baseball cards, believe it or not, but I did pick up quite a bit of baseball related presents Let’s take a look with some pictures taken on my new flip camera (holla thrice!)

Ryan Howard ornament to add to the “At the Ballpark” ornament series. This is the 15th and last ornament their making, so it adds an end to an era. It sure was fun collecting most of them, and now I gotta go find the rest to complete the set.

Nice A-Rod standup.

Thick book on one of my favorite pitchers of all-time, Mike Mussina, and Tom Glavine and their adventures in the 2007 season. Should make for a good read

A beautiful custom-made plaque my sister got for me from one of the school’s craft shows. It fits in quite nicely with the A-Rod corner in my baseball room (future post warning, future post warning)

And last but not least…
Yup, a Yogi Berra signed ball. He signed this a few years ago on a nice 2003 100th-Year Anniversary ball. A very nice addition to the collection of autographed balls I own (which will be a post for tomorrow on My Past Time)

I would like to thank my family for picking out this great stuff to get me; they always know how to please! It was a very great Christmas and I hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as well. And before I forget, here are my two favorite non-baseball related presents.

Boy Meets World Season One and a Betty White calendar. Somebody pinch me.

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  1. Nice haul! I'm really digging the Yankees stuff you got. Very nice!