Sunday, January 3, 2010

2006 Fleer Ultra Two Blaster Break

I busted two blasters of 2006 Fleer Ultra, which I got for relatively cheap from Blowout Cards. I like a lot of things about this set, but what I really appreciate are the inset cards in every pack. And I’m a sucker for inserts. Let’s begin.

Box #1:

Pack #1:
#156: Ivan Rodriguez
#100: Jose Guillen
#44: Mark Prior
Prior will be featured on this week’s episode of “Where Are They Now?” right after the Mark-Paul Gosselaar segment.

RBI1: Ken Griffey, Jr.
One of the many insert cards featured in 2006 Fleer Ultra. “The Kid” has seen better days, hitting only .214 in the 2009 season. He had no problem hitting against the Yankees though.

Gold Medallion #152: Zack Greinke
The “Gold Medallion” cards came one in every pack. I’m not a big fan of the opaque background. Greinke won the A.L. Cy Young Award in 2009, winning 16 games while putting up an excellent ERA and WHIP. All while pitching with the worst run support in the league.

Pack #2:
#139: Ken Griffey Jr.
#83: Adrian Beltre
#27: Jeff Francoeur
DP15: Vladimir Guerrero
Another insert. “Vlad the Impaler” has yet to sign this off-season due to concerns about his health. The Rangers seem to have an interest in him though.

Gold Medallion #34: Chris Capuano

Pack #3:
#77: Coco Crisp
#198: Scott Feldman (RC)
First rookie card of the box. Couldn’t miss the obnoxious logo. Feldman took great strides in ’09, winning 17 games and pitching almost 190 innings.

#142: Wily Mo Pena
HRK15: Mike Piazza
Keep the inserts coming! It’s been reported that Piazza is enjoying his retirement. You can find him in Central Park, throwing bat shards at pigeons.

Gold Medallion #96: Pedro Martinez

Pack #4:
#86: A.J. Burnett
#30: Marcus Giles
#149: Clint Barmes
RBI12 : Todd Helton
Gold Medallion #40: Mark Mulder

Pack #5:
#160: Chris Shelton
#104: Melvin Mora
#48: Nomar Garciaparra
MCK2: Mike Piazza
Another Piazza insert, this time of a sweet looking subset called “Midsummer Classic Kings”.

Gold Medallion #195: Jeremy Accardo (RC)
A good-lookin’ card ruined by that ugly logo.

Pack #6:
#164: Torii Hunter
#108: Rodrigo Lopez
#52: Jorge Cantu
DP1: Derek Jeter
Where in the world would the Yanks be without this man?

Gold Medallion #139: Ken Griffey Jr.

Box #2:

Pack #1:
#23: Shea Hillenbrand
#177: Randy Johnson
#121: Jason Bay
HRK7: Derrek lee
Gold Medallion #79: Raul Ibanez

Pack #2:
#53: Julio Lugo
#151: Mike Sweeney

#226: Troy Glaus
This “Lucky 13” is a short printed subset that is substituted for an insert card in some packs. Unfortunately, it’s of Troy Glaus.

URS8: Scott Kazmir Yet another insert. Ultra keeps rolling them out.

Gold Medallion #60: Conor Jackson (RC)
I’ve always liked Jackson. He has a great eye at the plate and his OBP is tremendous. He got a bad break in May of ‘09 he contracted yellow fever which kept him out of the bigs for the remainder of the year.

Pack #3:
#65: Jeff Weaver
#9: Morgan Ensberg
#170: Paul Konerko

SOK6: Chris Carpenter Holy cripes, another insert. When healthy, Carpenter can dominate every time he steps on the mound. But that’s a big when.

Gold Medallion #23: Shea Hillenbrand

Pack #4:
#95: Mike Piazza
#39: Chris Carpenter
#193: Danny Sandoval (RC)
DP9: Jeff Kent
Gold Medallion #4: Darin Erstad

Pack #5:
#114: Ramon Hernandez
#58: Shawn Green
#2: Bartolo Colon
RBI4: Mark Teixeira

Gold Medallion #177: Randy Johnson
Johnson dominates everywhere he goes. Except when he’s in pinstripes, of course. God forbid that happen.

Pack #6:
#148: Jeff Francis
#92: Jose Reyes
#36: Brady Clark

DP2: Chipper Jones
Chipper continues to be the anchor of the Braves. I hope he gets into the HOF.

Gold Medallion #158: Brandon Inge

All in all, the two blasters were worth the money. And more likely than not, I’ll be some further packs in the future. I’m a sucker for inserts.


  1. I thought throwing bat shards was more of a Clemens thing!

  2. Piazza's planning his revenge. Just wait.