Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2000 Bowman Chrome Box Recap (Black Friday Box #2)

Here’s the second box of 2000 Bowman Chrome I picked up on Black Friday, and instead of boring you all with another box break, here are the highlights.

Some base of vets and youngins.

Ha… Dicky.

A couple of inserts.
A Retro/Future insert of veteran Tom Glavine. After looking through the rest of these cards I have, it is true that the veterans have a different Bowman “TV” design than the rookies and young players.
Not too many refractors popped out of this box, and unfortunately, no refractors of inserts either.

And the oversized card was Pat Burrell. Yipee.

Thus ends the 2000 Bowman Chrome expedition. Or does it? The Bowman Chrome Draft box and a wantlist are coming up shortly.

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  1. Nice breaks! After MONTHS of digging I finally found an online seller with the TV variation of CC. As common as inserts/parallels are now it's crazy they were so hard to come by in 2000!