Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Platinum Mailday

2010 Bowman Platinum, like a lot of products this year, was a big hit with retail buyers and blaster fans. These cards weren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing in the world, but they were shiny, and that’s good enough for people like me. The first package of 2011 showed up at my mailbox the other day, and you guessed it, it contained a hefty stack of Bowman Platinum cards. Let’s divulge in the platinum goodness shall we?

Some rookies and For Card’s Sake favorites.
I was very relieved to find no bowing issues with the cards, something I feared would happen due to Bowman’s canny ability to bend cards like a tunnel.

A couple of refractors numbered out of 999.
The refractors are slightly thicker than the base.

A sexy Ryan Zimmerman gold parallel numbered out of 539.
It makes you wonder if they just pull random numbers out of a hat to find the print run of some of these cards.

And a green parallel of some guy I’ve never heard of numbered out of 499.
Isn’t that name a bit of an oxymoron? Sonny Gray? Think about it.

There were no Yanks found in the lot, but all in all, not a bad stack for a couple of bucks. If I can find some more cheap lots of this product, I’ll probably snag them up.

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