Sunday, January 23, 2011

2000 Bowman Chrome Draft Box Recap (Black Friday Box #3)

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope people are enjoying the 20 degree weather as much as I am (and I still refuse to put on a sweater, take that Mother Nature) and let’s hope for some great football games later in the day. Along with the two boxes of 2000 Bowman Chrome I bought, I picked up the 2000 Bowman Chrome Draft set on the cheap. This 110-card set features the biggest prospects and draft picks and were sold separately in a cute little box. And unlike today when Topps tries to milk as much money as it can out of the Draft and Prospect sets, these stack featured no autographs, parallels, refractors or any of that nonsense. This was 2000-era card collecting at its finest.

The biggest “rookie card” out of the set is Adrian Gonzalez’s, which features him in a Marlins uniform. I think I mentioned this before when the Marlins dumped Gonzalez because they were worried about his wrist problems.

The first fifteen cards or so featured young players (whom some had rookie cards in the regular base set) and what date they made their major league debut in.

When shuffling through the stack of mostly no-name prospects that never panned out, you’ll find that one gem or two that feature a player that’s still in the league.
How many of you remember Wainwright pitching major league ball before 2005? Cause he didn’t. He was moving around in the minor leagues for five years before getting the call, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Kevin Gregg still sucking up the place. He actually was signed in 1996 by the Oakland A’s, so I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing in this set. Either way, it took him about seven years before he made his major league debut with the (then) Anaheim Angles in 2003.

Take a guess at who this guy is related to.

How in the world does someone not have a signature? Ironically, Wilkerson would have a more successful career than more than half the other prospects in this set.

This was the most fun I had busting a box. Okay, opening up a cute little box and looking through the cards. But it was still very entertaining. Looking at all the prospects and how many of them were still in the league, how youthful they looked, who their original team was, and all that good stuff. It was very enjoyable and I encourage everyone to go pick up one of these types of sets from about a decade or so ago and just look through them. You’ll be amazed at all the stuff you’ll find.

I promise this is the last 2000 Bowman Chrome reference For Card’s Sake will make in a while. Well, I’ll post a checklist tomorrow. Then that will be it. I swear.

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