Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy Bee, Bee Back Tuesday

Hey guys, so the busiest week of the year has arrived, and that means the blog will have to take a seat in the back for a little bit until the schedule clears up. I have a ton of school-related activities coming up, including NHS meetings, the Mr. Northern pageant (Miss America pageant for boys), so I have to practice my routine for that (click on this link to see what I’m doing), and golf tryouts. My birthday is rolling around the corner on Monday, and to celebrate I’ll be out partying with friends on Saturday. I’ve been spending all my spare time finishing up my Boy Meets World DVDs and adding new music to my iTunes library. It has been a busy beginning to the greatest month of the year.

I’ll be back after Monday to get back to posting.


  1. the link to the Mr. Northern isn't working...and now I'm super curious to see what it is

  2. Ah, sorry about that. The link should be up now.

  3. Boy Meets World and golf in the same blog post? You're a man after my own heart. Good luck with all your activities.