Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A-Rod Smash

Poor Chad Curtis… he wasn’t even trying and he gets smacked in the face.

Speaking of smacks in the face, who remembers Curtis’s on-air snub of Jim Gray following his Game 3 walk-off homerun in the ’99 World Series? I wasn’t old enough to remember (or if I even watched), but I have seen the video. And I’m totally with Curtis.

Look, I understand the media. They’re jobs are simple; get the news to us in any way, no matter how ridiculous it is. And I understand that since it was a hot topic, Jim Gray was going to ask Pete Rose a question about gambling on baseball. However, the aggressiveness and relentlessness Gray showed was very disrespectful and demeaning, especially on the night the All-Century Team was announced and celebrated. I’m glad Rose told him off then, and I’m glad Curtis told him off a few nights later.

By the way, Jim Gray is now working for Westwood One radio network, the Golf Channel, and the Sacramento Kings. That’s a winner’s lineup if I ever saw one.

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