Monday, July 11, 2011

The Epic Repack Box Break: Bowman Edition

You’re not a true collector if you haven’t bought a repack value box.  These things can haunt you like Night Owl or they can bring some awesome stuff to your table like me. 

A few weeks ago I was skimming the Wal-Mart card aisle when I came across the standard $20 repack box.  It came with 15 packs.  I was going to pass this up when I took a look at the packs stuffed into the box.  2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions?  2010 Topps Allen & Ginter?  2008 UD Masterpieces?  2008 Topps Heritage?  Holy crap, these were nice sets!  And sets that the blogosphere loved and collected.  I decided that the 20 dollars would be a good investment to help my collection and to help other bloggers with their want lists.  Besides, the 20 bucks probably would have gone to prostitutes that night anyway.

Here’s part one: the Bowman.

2009 Bowman
I may be the only person on the planet collecting this set, so I was kinda happy to see this in the box.  I ended up using every card but two.

#165: Aubrey Huff
Looks like Mr. Huff isn't reproducing his magic from the 2010 season.  General concern?  I'd say so... he's 34 and things aren't looking any higher.

# 175: Greg Smith
I wonder if Greg Smith could sue Topps because they used such a creepy photo?  Do they need his approval before they put his picture in a product?  I mean Ryan Braun has had awful looking cards for years… surely they have no say in it or else players like Braun or Smith would have said something.

2008 Bowman
Another set collector’s aren’t necessarily fond of.  2008 Bowman Chrome was pretty popular during Heyward-mania towards the beginning of 2010, but now it has cooled.  While the design and the checklist isn’t all that impressive, it’s always fun to bust a Bowman product.  If you can find a box for under $35, go for it.

#147: Zack Greinke
Greinke has been very fortunate for the Brewers offensive this year; a 7-3 record with a 5.45 ERA.

Gold #123: Stephen Drew
Stephen Drew is becoming one of those “players I like receiving cards of and keeping them” for a very odd and unexplainable reason.  I mean, how could I like a player related to J.D. Drew?

Bowman Prospects BP50: Austin Jackson
Scored this on the second to last card in the pack.  Even though Austin Jackson has since dearly departed from the Yankees, I still like picking up his 2008 Bowman cards.  The most humorous thing about this card is the back.

“SKILLS: Aggressive hitter, but will lay off bad pitches.”

Jackson is tied for third in the league in strikeouts with 100, after leading the league last year with 170.

If anyone needs any cards from 2008 Bowman, e-mail me.  I’ll be back tomorrow with everyone’s favorite sets… painted!