Friday, July 15, 2011

A & G Thoughts

While the entire card collecting community is drooling over Allen & Ginter for yet another year in a row, I’m stuck watching from the sidelines and seeing people pile up those highly-valuable framed relics (ha).  However, this year’s offering does catch my eye for a few reasons.

1) The base design has drastically changed compared to the repeated layout from the past five years this product has been in existence.  I’m not exactly a big fan of it, but it’s quite welcoming compared to last year’s design, which some people dubbed as the worst design in A & G history.

2) Alex Rodriguez has a relic card in this set, and by the looks of it, it seems pretty affordable.  I’ll gladly take any of these off people’s hands.

3) The Uninvited Guests mini set is freaking awesome.  I already made a post on Nachos asking about it and on various forums.  If anyone has some extras or is just freaked out by the set, send me an e-mail and I’ll trade for them or buy them.

4) Aside from the big chase cards, the relic and auto checklist is once again an absolute joke for the price of a box.  Very few can make money off of this product… not very good for the future of A & G if investors stop buying because they can’t turn a profit.  Thank goodness for those great hobbyists who drop $80+ on a box with relic cards of Kendrys Morales, Melky Cabrera, and Tim Wakefield.

Well, get back to your Gint-a-Cuffs people, I’ll still be reading the updates.


  1. Other than the Astros I'll also be collecting the Uninvited Guests and Ascent of Man cards.

  2. Of course, some of us could care less about the investors and just want the BASE, baby!

  3. I've got some unwanted guests extras, shoot me an email.