Monday, February 21, 2011

A Couple O' Chromey Trades

When Chrome rains, it pours. A couple of pretty snazzy bloggers sent me packages filled with 2007 Topps Chrome the past week, and since I’m so damn busy (I call it busy, lazy to others), I finally got the chance to share them with you lovely readers out there. Let’s take a look.

Adam from Thoughts and Sox shipped a nice 20-card stack of Chrome to my mailbox, highlighted by these fellas.
Figures a Sox fan would send me these two guys. Not really a big fan of Crawford, but I do like Adrian Gonzalez. I wish him the best of luck this seasons (when he’s not playing the Yanks of course).

A symbolic passing of the torch. Although not as dominant or glamorous as Lincecum, Cain can bring it any day of the week, and I wouldn’t be all too surprised if he won a Cy Young in the next few seasons.

Smed from the aptly named Smed’s Baseball Card Blog also sent over some Topps Chrome, lead by Chris Carpenter and some rookie I’ve never heard of.
Danny Putnam played a total of 11 games for the Oakland A’s in 2007, logging 28 at-bats for the club. In those 28 at-bats, he hit .214 with one homerun and 11 strikeouts. So, uh, why does he have a rookie card again?

Smed was also generous enough to throw in some random A-Rod and Halladays, including my first 2011 Topps cards of the year.
Nice action shot of A-Rod. I recently read that he dropped 10 pounds over the off-season and cut his body fat by 3%. Along with that, it’s an odd-numbered year. Damn, I’m excited to see A-Rod play.

A very well done insert, but there is one problem. It’s a fricking mini! I can’t stand minis, and now that they inserted them into the base product… wtf Topps?!

And another thing, isn't that umpire is out of position?

A big thanks to both of these gentlemen for knocking off some cards from the ’07 Chrome wantlist. By the way, Smed, your cards are shipping out tomorrow. Peace.

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