Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thorzul's Offering Part Wu

Damn that Thorzul, he’s so hot right now.

Of course I’m talking about his group breaks. After a brief sabbatical, I re-engaged myself with Thorzul’s group breaks and I received my hull of cards from his January break a few days ago. I received baseball two teams, the Yankees and Royals, and a boatload of other sports teams for the Famous Fabrics box he broke, but nothing came out of that for me. Besides the Famous Fabrics box, he busted some nice products including 2005 Topps Pristine and 2007 Topps Chrome, a very hot ticket around For Card’s Sake. Let’s see what the legend brought us.

Fortunately for me, Thorzul pulled a lot of cards I needed for the TC set, including some nice Yanks.

This really, really, really, really, really odd Mickey Mantle insert.

And this guy.

And this very nice Jeter refractor.

If people are not familiar with the Topps Pristine product, it’s kinda weird. Multiple wrappers, random hits scattered everywhere, it’s a pretty big mess. The cards, once you get to them, are fairly nice and I scored some good stuff.

A couple of base cards of General D-Bag and Neidermeyer.

An uncirculated refractor of Aubrey Huff. These things are a pain in the ass to scan. And this looks weird because I scanned it with the top open and the room pitch dark. Yeah, not sure why, just felt like it.

And a pretty nice hit of Yankee God Mariano Rivera.
That lone thread hanging out of nowhere is pretty unique… albeit slightly annoying.

If this post sounded uninspired, well you’re pretty much right. Believe it or not, I have been hampered with school work and it’s taking a toll on my free time. I should be clear for the weekend so expect the last baseball box from the Black Friday specials (yes, we’re still doing this after four months since purchase) and a couple of other pretty cool maildays. Stay tuned!

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