Friday, February 4, 2011

Goodies from Cards on Cards

The infamous madding from Cards on Cards sent a little somethin’-somethin’ in my mailbox, and after fishing through the Maxim magazines, I got to the manila package containing a large stack of card goodness. Let’s dig in.

A good chunk of the 2009 Topps 206 Yankee team set.
(Couldn't get a picture up due to my scanner being a douche, but let me assure you, the cards are exactly the same as they were a year ago.)
I can see why people preferred 2009 Topps 206 to 2010. The cards look much better, and I do enjoy the tobacco stains on the back (didn’t see them in 2010’s set). I wonder how much boxes are going for.

A good chunk of the 2010 Topps Update Yankee team set.
Not as big of a fan. Those All-Star duo cards have got to be the biggest wastes of wax I’ve ever seen.

2007 Topps Chrome #322: Kei Igawa (RC)
Ah, a 2007 Topps Chrome card that was needed. Unfortunately, it’s of Kei Igawa, arguably the worst Yankee signing in the past ten years (although it’s hard to top Pavano’s contract).

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Starquest SQ-5: Vladimir Guerrero
This was one of the cards that I didn’t pull in my epic Starquest Quest a month or so ago. I believe this takes us down to only two Starquest cards missing from the First Edition set.

2005 Topps A-Rod Spokesman #3: Alex Rodriguez
I also need just two more cards to complete this little subset commemorating A-Rod’s early years in the league. The picture on the card is from 1996.

1999 Bowman #138: Roy Halladay
It’s always fun to get older cards of players still playing and seeing how much they’ve changed. Roy, aside from gaining some weight, basically looks the same.

2007 Upper Deck #849: Phil Hughes (RC)
I was lacking in Phil Hughes rookies, so this is a nice addition. I definitely liked Upper Deck’s rookie cards over Topps’s, but… sigh.

1994 Stadium Club Finest #10: Frank Thomas
Not sure if this was put in by accident or not, either way, I love this card. Nice action shot of the Big Hurt and a shiny, explosive background makes for a happy Nick. This is from a Stadium Club subset called Finest, which I assume is a slight tribute to Topps’s Finest brand, which started a year before this card was produced. These are some pretty slick cards and I should look into getting more.

2008 Bowman Chrome Draft BDP18: Brett Gardner
Not only was I lacking in Brett Gardner rookie cards, I was lacking his cards in general. Big props to Kerry for throwing this in there; this is a very nice card of a future All-Star.

Another thanks to my homeboy madding for hooking me up with the sweet pile of cards. Peace suckas.

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  1. The Frank Thomas was no accident. You had asked about the Finest inserts quite awhile back from a box I opened, but Thomas ended up being the only one of those that I didn't already have earmarked for someone.

    Glad you liked the stuff. I can rarely tell how much I end up sending someone actually turns out to be something they needed.