Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tribute to a Genius

When young couple Mr. and Mrs. Salazar took 10th grade biology together, they were deeply fascinated with Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution and natural selection. They relished everything Darwin wrote and studied, and they thought he was one of the greatest scientists that ever lived. To celebrate his life, Mr. and Mrs. Salazar decided to give him the highest honor they could… by naming their son after him. However, not too many people could see firsthead Mr. and Mrs. Salazar’s tribute to the great Charles Darwin, for young Salazar hadn’t made much of a name for himself. However, that would all change when he worked hard to reach professional baseball in America, even having a few of his own baseball cards! Now, thousands upon thousands of collectors can see Mr. and Mrs. Salazar’s tribute to the great Charles Darwin… Mr. Charles Salazar of the Kansas City Royals.

Excuse me, Mr. Darwinson Salazar of the Kansas City Royals.


  1. Coincidentally, I have an error version of this card that features his picture but a different name and a guy for the Rockies, Esposito, I think. Hmmmm... I'll try to find it sometime.

  2. Technically you're right. Rockies rookie Mike Esposito's card features Darwinson's picture... but it was never bothered to be corrected.