Monday, May 30, 2011

All Aboard the Bowman Express

When I was browsing around at the card show last weekend, I came across a familiar site… an opened box of 2011 Bowman.  However, this box seemed oddly different than the others.  There were about sixteen packs left inside, scattered around, flipped over; a complete mess.  However, one pack stood out among the rest.  It was leaning on the top of the box, it’s wrapper staring right into my eyes, begging me.

“Nick… come on… try it.  Everyone else is…”

I caved into pressure.  Four bucks later, I was looking at a pack of complete crap.

#102: Daniel Hudson
Ah, Danny Hudson.  The only player I pulled that I actually like.  Interestingly enough, all the regular base cards I received in this pack were all horizontal.

#36: Johan Santana
#165: Jaime Garcia
#204: Brandon Beachy
Bowman Chrome Prospects #110: Jonathan Villar
Yup, you guessed it, a player I’ve never heard before.  This was common theme for pretty much every prospect in the pack.

Bowman Chrome Prospect #33: Joseph Wieland
Bowman Gold #211: Gregory Infante
Bowman Orange #187: Vernon Wells (Numbered to 250)
The only card of significant value and it’s dinged.  Thanks Topps.

Bowman Prospects #66: Matt Carpenter
Bowman Prospects #3: Jeremy Barfield
Yes, son of Jesse and brother of Josh, Jeremy looks to add a little bit more to the Barfield legacy.  Hopefully he’s better off than his brother, who’s still kicking around without having a breakout season.

To sum it up…


… that was not worth four bucks.  Sorry Bowman lovers.

(And everything besides the Barfield is for trade).

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  1. Can I #165 and 204 from you. I need 165 for my set and #204 for my braves team set. I'm not sure what you collect, so let me know and I'll pull something and get it in the mail ASAP.
    email me at