Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Platter of Cards from Nomo's Sushi Platter

I’m not a fan of seafood.  The way it looks, the way it tastes, and that smell… egh, I don’t even want to sniff about it.  However, I do like sushi.  How is that possible?  As long as the sushi comes from Nomo’s Sushi Platter!  Haha, get it?
No seriously, I do hate sushi.
But I do like trades from Michael, writer of Nomo’s Sushi Platter.  He contacted me about a trade a few weeks ago and we got the ball rolling.  I received his end about two weeks ago and it’s taking me this long to post about it.  Yeah, I’m a slacker.  Should transfer greatly in college.  Here’s the highlights of all the nice stuff he sent.

A pair of gun slingers in shiny, warped 2010 Topps Chrome form.
While Weaver has cooled (more on this below), Johnson has continued his torching start.  Scanning 2010 Topps Chrome is no easy task, but I think I’ve scanned enough to finally know how to work with it.  Practice makes perfect.
2007 Topps Co-Signers #2: Jered Weaver
Michael sent me a nice stack of cards to add to the growing Jered Weaver collection.  While his record is at a decent 6-4, Weaver still has a solid ERA (2.45), an impressive WHIP (.976) and incredible strikeout totals (65 in 69.2 innings).  I wouldn’t hop off the Weaver train just yet.
2011 Topps Kimball Champions KC42: Mariano Rivera
As much as I don’t like minis, I don’t see these cards working as well as they do if they were regular sized.  I would have preferred this be an insert in a painted set and not plopped right in with the modernized Topps flagship brand.  Hell, maybe a whole set of these cards wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Would anyone be opposed to an entire set based on minis?
2007 Upper Deck #165: Robinson Cano
A Sporting News article a few months ago boldly proclaimed that Robinson Cano was the best player on the Yankees.  I don’t see how it is a bold claim.
Here’s a person I like.
Here’s people I don’t like.
2009 Sweet Spot Swatches JW: Jered Weaver
This “sweet” card of Weaver initiated the trade.  I was a big fan of the relic cards from 2007 and 2008 Sweet Spot, but 09’s effort is very lackluster and nothing too special.  This is my first memorabilia card of Weaver.

Thanks Michael for the trade and sorry it took forever to post... remember that coma I slipped into?


  1. Got a russell martin yellow plate in a gypsy queen break im in.

  2. Thanks for the trade! I'll send you some sushi next time.