Saturday, May 7, 2011

Play at the Mailbox

Homestands suck. The Thunder just finished up a seven game stand, including a thrilling walk-off walk in the last game against the Portland Sea Dogs. After the weekend, another eight game stand begins. And guess who’s working every game? It’s been a brutal schedule as of late, simply put. However, being the devoted blogger I am, I’ll take every minute of free time I have this weekend to post and schedule posts that will hopefully fill up the week. Like I mentioned previously, I picked up a lot of stuff that I’m dying to show off.
Today we have a trade from the notorious Brian over at Play at the Plate. His speciality? Plays at the plate… and Rangers, I guess. I’ve always had some Texas stuff lying around, but never pulled the trigger on a trade, perhaps it was his Yankee hating ways strayed me away. I eventually caved in after he offered to take all the 2007 Bowman Heritage I had lying around off my hands. In return, he sent me a nice stack of 2000 Bowman Chrome cards. Now, if you’re a true reader of For Card’s Sake, you know that I’ve been busting box after box trying to complete this set, and so far it’s not working. I welcome any and all Chromey goodness from the turn of the century with open arms. Fortunately, every 2000 BC card Brian had, I needed.
Receiving older cards is always a treat. It’s been eleven years since 2000 Bowman Chrome was produced and the players and teams have changed significantly. Out of the thirteen cards I received, seven of the players are out of the league. The six that were still playing are not playing for the same team they’re pictured with. So that’s a big fat 0-for-13 in players that are still playing for the same team.

2000 Bowman Chrome #1: Vladimir Guerrero
Let’s ignore the fact that the team Vladdy is playing for doesn’t exist anymore, and let’s focus on the fact that in three boxes, I never pulled the first card of the set. That’s turrible.

2000 Bowman Chrome #109: Mo Vaughn
Well, they still exist, albeit not in Anaheim form. How come I laugh everytime I receive Mo Vaugh cards?

Along with these guys, the early 2000’s Oakland A’s also featured Mark Mulder, Barry Zito, Eric Chavez, Jermaine Dye, Billy Koch, and Mark Ellis. How they did not win a World Series, I’m not sure.

Thanks Brian and I’m looking forward to more trades!

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  1. I'm glad the cards helped out. Ive got some of the Rookies too if you need them.