Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Hoot of a Trade

I know when a package from Night Owl has arrived in my mailbox… the mailbox just jitters with excitement.  No literally, it jitters.  I should get that checked out.  Anyway, enough “hooting” around (I’m here till Thursday folks), here are the highlights of the trade.

2011 Topps Opening Day #172: Jorge Posada
Raise your hand if you want someone to pay you 13 million dollars to hit .180 and ride the bench.  Oh wow, a lot of takers.

2008 TRISTAR Prospects Plus #99: Jack Rye
Rye played a couple of games for the Thunder earlier in the season, but I believe he was released toward the end of April.  He wasn’t exactly a stellar prospect… plus.

2010 Topps Update More Tales of the Game MTOG-6: Intracity Sweep
I like the photo, not a fan of the concept.  C’mon, a season sweep is not exactly an eye-popping event these days.  If Topps was using the 2003 Yankees seasons sweep over the Mets as a unique “tales of the game”, then perhaps they should have left that insert concept out of their Update series.

2011 Topps Value Box Chrome Refractors MBC2 and MCB3: Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth
These two beautiful cards sealed the trade.  After being disappointed in 2011 Finest’s offering this year, having these Value Box Chrome cards be the design for Finest in the near future is not a bad idea.

Thanks Greg, your Dodgers were delivered to the post office yesterday and they should be arriving soon!

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