Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Old Flame Returns

After many weeks of anticipation, the Sports Locker opened up. You’re probably asking yourself what is the Sports Locker and why am I wetting my pants about it? The Sports Locker, previously known as the Baseball Card Locker, is the local hobby shop that I’m a frequent visitor to (and that I frequently blog about). The shop was going to close unless someone bought it. However, long time employee Kevin took the store off the hands of the previous owner in late February and has been revamping the place since. He opened up a week or so ago, and I finally had a chance to peek in.

While the place was still shaping up, Kevin brought in a lot of great stuff. He had the newest boxes along with great memorabilia. He got rid most of the old boxes and cards, and I’m kind of sad to see them go. Hopefully he put them in the back and is gonna take them out at a later date. Kevin also is selling a lot of cards under book value, unlike the previous owner who tried to pinch every penny out of my pocket. Also, Kevin stocked up his shop with a ton of excellent cards, ranging from parallels to autographed patches. I was pressed for time (I would have been there for hours looking at the new cards), so I picked up two cards.

2003 Fleer Patchworks Numbers Game Jersey JG-NG: Jason Giambi Nice lookin’ card with a stripe right down the middle. I ignore the fact that it’s Giambi.

2008 Sweet Spot Signatures Red Stitch Black Ink S-BO: Bobby Richardson (Numbered to 250)
Whoever came up with destroying a baseball and putting it in a card, you deserve a drink. My eyes still bulge whenever I see this beauty, and the card looks ten times better in person. Bobby Richardson was a solid second baseman for the Yanks, and is famous for winning the 1960 World Series MVP even though they lost the series to the Pirates.

It is not a task to go back to Sports Locker anymore. No, it’s a God-given mission.

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