Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A (Somewhat) Funny Strike in the Anticipation List

1) Yankees-Red Sox Season Opener
2) SI's World Series Predictions
3) My Birthday
4) Spring Break
5) Rec Basketball Season Finale
6) Conan O'Brien Sticks it in Jay Leno's Face

When the Sports Illustrated arrived in the mail today, I was pretty excited. With “For Cards Sake” favorite Roy Halladay glistening on the cover, I knew that SI’s World Series Predictions would be inside. Now, we all know that predicting a World Series winner before the season starts is extremely pointless, but it’s still fun to see what some “experts” come up with. Sporting News had an almost identical playoff bracket as the 2009 playoffs (with the Yanks repeating over the Phils) while ESPN had (of course) the Red Sox winning it all. But after SI’s hilarious prediction of the Mets over the Angels last year, I was extremely anxious to see who they chose as this year’s World Series winner. It wasn’t a too bad of a choice, but it still got a chuckle out of me.

SI predicted the Phillies would win the World Series. Good choice right? Just acquired the best pitcher in baseball, have arguably the best lineup in the game, and made the World Series the previous two years. However, I got a laugh out of whom they picked to represent the American League. Sports Illustrated has the Tampa Bay Rays going all the way to the World Series… as a Wild Card no less! Now, don’t get me wrong, the Rays have a great lineup and a steady bullpen, but I don’t think they have the starting rotation to make it all the way. Shields, Garza, Niemann, and Price are all talented pitchers who haven’t come close to touching their primes, but their ERAs are nothing to write home about. They’re filling out their rotation with a rookie as well. To keep up with the monster rotations of Boston and New York, the young hurlers better make that giant leap or else the Rays won’t be boasting a great record.

So I can cross off SI’s World Series predictions from the Anticipation List, although it wasn’t nearly as hilarious as last year’s. Oh, and Easter Sunday brings Yankees-Red Sox!

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