Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thorzul's Offering

The world-renown Thorzul and I recently completed a trade, where I sent him a mix of Brewers and Bucks and in return he shipped me some Yanks. Let’s take a look.

2002 UD A Piece of History #81: Dave WinfieldI’m not positive if this is a Yankee or Padre card. Winfield is pictured in a pinstripe uniform, yet it has Padres on the front and their logo on the back. Despite the confusion, I like the look of this card.

2001 Fleer Futures #136: Mariano RiveraThe glittery context of the card makes up for its bland design. Doesn’t hurt that Mo is on it, either.

2004 Upper Deck Vintage #107: Bernie WilliamsI assume this is Upper Deck’s version of “Heritage” or a reproduction of a base design from some odd years ago featuring modern players. Actually, it’s not a bad lookin’ card.

1995 Pinnacle #365: Jack McDowellI know a few collectors have busted some ’95 Pinnacle, and I really want to as well. Old school breaks are the bomb.

Thanks for the cards, Thorzul!

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