Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unlicensed Fun

It wouldn’t be much of a blog without a post about 2010 Upper Deck. Upper Deck recently lost their- yeah, I’m sure everyone knows that story by now. If you haven’t, you can read it here. I ripped open a couple of packs, and I wasn’t too impressed.

Pack 1:
#8: Dustin Richardson (RC)
First card from 2010 Upper Deck… a rookie. Of a Red Sox player. This is not a good start.

#58: Javier Vazquez
#127: A.J. Pierzynski
#464: Joe Thurston
#285: George Sherrill
#469: Dennys Reyes
#254: Kyle Farnsworth “Common sense is wisdom with its sleeves rolled up.”

#158: Homer Bailey
Portraits SE-77: Tim Lincecum

This would have been a good idea if UD didn’t make the design so bland and the stock so flimsy. It reminds me of another product Upper Deck used to make… (By the way, you can clearly see the Giants logo on his hat)

2009 Season Biography SB-171: Casey McGehee

A much better executed “Documentary” from a few years ago. Still annoying though.

#103: Jon Lester
#418: Luke Gregerson
#456: Mark Lowe
#237: Bud Norris
#538: Garrett Mock
#568: Rangers Ballpark Topps failed to produce “stadium” cards so far, and Upper Deck took advantage. These cards are a refreshing relief to all the unlicensed cards.

#587: Minnesota Twins Team Checklist
#76: Nolan Reimold

Pack 2:
#290: Jody Gerut
#444: Franklin Gutierrez
#219: Kiko Calero
#131: Josh Fields I love this card. The photography is beautiful, especially for avoiding any logos. It’s too bad that Fields doesn’t play with Chicago anymore. Upper Deck, you were so close.

#531: Wil Nieves
#227: Kazuo Matsui
#532: Ron Villone
2009 Season Biography SB-59: Freddy Sanchez
Baseball Heroes 20th Anniversary BHA-5: David Price Not sure how David Price made the cut on this insert. He didn’t exactly have a stellar year in 2009.

#316: Joe Nathan
#443: Ian Snell
#267: Jered Weaver Another nice shot of a promising player. Also, if you notice in the background, you can see some construction workers climbing on the rocks.

#335: Tim Redding
#244: Alberto Callaspo
#288: Clayton Kershaw
#495: Michael Young
#565: Busch Stadium
#211: Alfredo Amezaga

I was about to buy a hobby box of this stuff. But I changed my mind at the last minute. I’m glad I did. Although Upper Deck didn’t do a bad job (considering the limitations they had to endure), the product quality isn't something I would cough up $50+ a box for Maybe I’ll buy another pack or two. Maybe.

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