Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Strike in the Anticipation List

1) Yankees-Red Sox Season Opener
2) SI's World Series Predictions
3) My Birthday
4) Spring Break
5) Rec Basketball Season Finale
6) Conan O'Brien Sticks it in Jay Leno's Face

The end of our local recreational basketball season came last night with a tough playoff loss at the hands of an inferior team. Our team Sensual Chocolate (for any fans of Coming to America) had only 5 brave warriors on our bench, but we kept the game close until the fourth quarter when we ran out of gas.

The rec basketball league is very popular in my area. We'll fill a good chunk of the stands with people from all over the school district while the school basketball team struggles to fill half the seats. It's a gimmick league... just look at our name. There's also a team named after a Pokemon, one after "The Situtation" from the TV show Jersey Shore, and one dedicated to the Narnians. And I can't forget about the hilarious nicknames found on the back of the jerseys (for the record, my nickname this year was Smooth Criminal). Most of the players are bad and usually play for a laugh, but there are some decent athletes in the league.

I'm not sad to see the season end, however. We followed a championship runner-up season with one win and embarrasing losses. Our best athlete stopped showing up to the games halfway through the year. Our coach gave up on us. It was, in short, a season from hell. And that's why I'm glad that I can cross the season finale off the Anticipation List.

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