Saturday, February 27, 2010

2007 UD Masterpieces Box Break

What’s better than getting a great box for a great price? Getting great pulls of course. Let’s rock n’ roll.

This hobby box came with a beautiful 5 by 7 top-loader.
MP-9: Jered Weaver

Pack 1:
#11 Bucky Dent
Green Border #33: Chase UtleyUtley and Cliff Lee saved Philly from an embarrassing World Series. I’m not a big fan of the green borders because they don’t match well with the colors of the picture. But that’s just my opinion.

#7: Don Larsen
#75: Richard Nixon I think I’m going to start a Presidents binder.

Pack 2:
#69: Chien Ming Wang It’s a shame what happened to Wang. The ace of the Yankees rotation and two-time 19-game winner turns into a Nationals back-end starter because of a freak base running injury. I’ll be rooting for him.

#53: Cal Ripken Jr. Cover boy of 2007 UD Masterpieces.

#56: Hanley Ramirez
#40: Mike Piazza

Pack 3:
#78: Tom Glavine
Black Border #4: Bill Mazeroski (Numbered to 99) These are some sexy lookin’ cards! For any Yankee fans out there, he’s the reason we aren’t going for our 29th championship this season.

#28: Kei Igawa (RC)No comment.

#59: Bobby Doerr

Pack 4:
#17: Sandy Koufax
#4: Bill Mazeroski Border
#1: Babe Ruth One of the many Babe Ruth cards in the base set.

#79: Chipper Jones

Pack 5:
#37: Miguel Cabrera
Green Border #43: Troy Tulowitzki(RC)
#62: Luis Aparicio
#88: Chase Utley

Pack 6:
#13: Jacky Robinson
#35: Joe Mauer Green Border He should have won his third MVP last year instead of his first. Another reason why the BBWAA is a joke.

#35: Joe Mauer
#46: Michael Jordan Yeah, this wasn't the smartest move for Jordan.

Pack 7:
#4: Bill Mazeroski
Strokes of Genius SG-JR Redemption: Jeff Baker (An expired redemption card. Fantastic. I’m going to see if I can get this redeemed anyway.)

#22: Babe RuthRuth sporting a Sox uniform.

#85: 1969 New York Mets

Pack 8:
#3: Thompson
#29: Ken Griffey Jr.
#66: Howie Kendrick
#86: 2004 Red Sox

Pack 9:
#24: Jackie Robinson
#89: Reggie Jackson
#49: Albert Pujols
#23: Roy Campanella

Pack 10:
#18: Reggie Jackson
#43: Ichiro Suzuki
CC-SA: Captured on Canvas: Johan Santana Stripes always look better.

#27: Daisuke Matsuzaka (RC)
#14: David Ortiz

Pack 11:
#52: Johan Santana
#26: Sandy Koufax
CC-MY: Captured on Canvas: Michael Young
Two in a row. Plus, one of my favorite players.
#9: Roger Maris
#87: Roberto Clemente

Pack 12:
#68: Akinori Iwamura (RC)
#42: Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn
#55: Cal Ripken Jr.
#60: Bruce Sutter

Pack 13:
#57: Pedro Martinez
Black Border #52: Johan Santana
#80: Craig Biggio
#41: Josh Hamilton

Pack 14:
#16: Roger Clemens
Green Border #23: Roy Campanella
#21: Walter Johnson
#8: Lou Gehrig“Today, I consider myself… the luckiest man… on the face of the earth.” If there are any Gehrig fan’s out there, please read the biography on the Iron Horse called “Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig” by Jonathan Eig. I couldn’t put it down.

Pack 15:
#81: Chris Chambliss
CC-CR: Captured on Canvas: Cal Ripken Jr.
Holy -. In my short time of collecting, this is the best hit I’ve pulled. Move over printing plate of Stephen Drew! (A side note: the scan looks bad because of the toploader the card was in.)

#73: Justin Morneau
#47: John F. Kennedy
#34: Troy Tulowitzki
Pack 16:
#65: Alex Gordon (RC)
#82: Tim Lincecum (RC)
The best rookie to come out of 2007 UD Masterpieces.

#61: Jason Bay
#77: Alex Rodriguez

Pack 17:
#31: David Ortiz
#20: Ty Cobb
If you’ve ever needed to sum up Ty Cobb’s career, this picture would be great.

#15: Hideki Matsui
#2: Babe Ruth

Pack 18:
#30: Derek Jeter
Expect .320 or above this season. It’s a contract year, remember.

#48: Randy Johnson
#39: Frank Thomas
#33: Chase Utley

Whew! This was the most fun I've had busting a box of anything in a long time. Any baseball card collector must break a box of 2007 UD Masterpieces, period.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Trick of the Trade

Austin over at Omega Cardboard sent me this sweet Jeter/Posada dual relic in exchange for a patch card I had lying around. He is currently working on a patch collection with requirements of two or more colors.

A box break coming up soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Anticipation List

This is the world-unknown "Anticipation List". These are the things that I can't wait to happen in the near future. In no particular order:

1) Yankees-Red Sox Season Opener
2) SI's World Series Predictions
3) My Birthday
4) Spring Break
5) Rec Basketball Season Finale
6) Conan O'Brien Sticks it in Jay Leno's Face

Whenever one of these events happens, I'll cross it off the list and replace it with another thing I'm anticipating. It's a never ending cycle of excitement!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

eBay and Redemptions, Oh My

Noticing I barely bought things off eBay as of late, I quickly changed that by purchasing two Halladay cards I didn’t own yet.

2007 Topps Highlight Relics HR-RH: Roy Halladay

2008 SPx Winning Materials Jersey WM-RH: Roy Halladay (Numbered to 125)I didn’t realize this one was numbered until I got it. Nothing like a happy surprise.

A few months ago, I punched in a redemption code for an exclusive “Rookie Redemption” card from 2009 Finest.I got this nice-lookin’ Matt LaPorta card in return. LaPorta is a big prospect and was part of the C.C. Sabathia trade between Cleveland and Milwaukee a few years ago. He’s looking for a lot of playing time in the Indian outfield this season.

7 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2007 Topps Chrome Box Break

Sweet blog and readers, I have neglected you. I’ve been swamped with everything from school to sports the past few weeks and it’s reflected by my lack of posts. But the snowstorm that is trapping me in my home has given me time to bring an exciting box break. This 2007 Topps Chrome hobby box (with 2 guaranteed autographs) came at a dirt cheap price, and I’m a fool for anything with A-Rod on it. Let’s roll.

The box came with a boxloader card “sequentially numbered”.
Red Refractor #159: Matt Kemp (Numbered to 99)Got half my money back with this beauty.

Along with the sweet boxloader came another one, this time of 2 Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 cards.
ARHR230: Alex Rodriguez
ARHR248: Alex RodriguezBack in 2007, card makers knew people spending good money on boxes should deserve a little extra. How many boxloaders did I get with my 2009 boxes? I’ll give you a hint, it’s zero.

Now on to the packs.

Pack 1:
#249: Lance Berkman
#89: Carlos BeltranHere Beltran is trying to walk away from the Mets.

GN280: Russell MartinUnlike everyone else in the world, I like the Generation Now inserts. If you’re looking to get rid of them, you know where to send them.

#141: Mark Prior

Pack 2:
#72: Bill Hall
#134: Sean Casey
Refractor #201: Michael YoungMichael Young has won one AL batting title, one Gold Glove, an All-Star Game MVP, and a 6-time All-Star. And how many times was he voted to start for the American League? That’ right, zero. But I digress. The refractors were easier to spot in Topps compared to Bowman, and I like them better overall as well.

#216: Brian Roberts

Pack 3:
#176: Takashi Saito
#289: J.D. Durbin (RC)
MMS23: Mickey MantleThis picture is just scarier in chrome. If you thought Mickey Mantle inserts would stop appearing in the Chrome set, boy were you wrong.

##17: Jared Burton (RC)

Pack 4:
#57: Nick MarkakisWould be an All-Star if he played anywhere else.

#15: Bronson Arroyo
Refractor #183: Mike Cameron
#138: Conor Jackson

Pack 5:
#319: Elijah Dukes (RC)
#200: Xavier Nady
Refractor #76: Justin VerlanderDuring the one-game playoff last season, I was rooting for the Twins the entire time. I did not want the Yankees facing this guy in a playoff series.

#18: Paul Konerko

Pack 6:
#171: Dan Haren
#105: Anibal Sanchez
MHR300: Mickey MantleToo much of a good thing.

#204: Matt Garza

Pack 7:
#272: Vernon WellsThe Chrome set included the “Gold Glove Winners” cards that were found in the base set. Here Vernon Wells’ career is about to crash into the wall.

GN283: Justin Verlander
#355: Kory Casto (RC) (Auto)
2007 Topps Chrome had a small autograph list, all of them rookies. My first pull was of Kory Casto, a career minor leaguer who recently signed a contract with the Tigers and was invited to spring training.

#126: Jonny Gomes

Pack 8:
#312: Ryan Braun (RC)Yeah… not that Ryan Braun.

#8: J.D. Drew
Refractor #187: Mike MussinaMany Yankees fan believed in the “Moose” curse. Before Mussina arrived the Bronx Bombers were World Series champions. As soon as he retired the team captured another ring. During his 8 years with the club, the Yankees reached the World Series only once. I still like the guy.

#240: Randy Johnson

Pack 9:
#194: Jhonny Peralta
#267: Brad Ausmus
MMS27: Mickey Mantle
#287: Josh Hamilton (RC)Hamilton’s 15th rookie card.

Pack 10:
#219: Kenny Rogers
Refractor #114: Jorge Posada
#350: Chris Stewart (RC) (Auto)
The second autograph from the box. Stewart was a bit more successful, having reached the majors with the Rangers and Yanks. He signed a minor league deal with the Padres in December.

#162: Josh Willingham

Pack 11:
#207: Tadahito Iguchi
Refractor #151: Placido Polanco
Refractor MMS12: Mickey Mantle (Numbered to 200)The Mick can just do it all can’t he? I originally thought the card was a refractor, but there was nothing that said it was. The 125/200 confirmed my suspicion.

#30: John Smoltz

Pack 12:
#270: Ichiro Suzuki
#248: Brad Wilkerson
MMS29: Mickey Mantle
#228: Jeremy Hermida

Pack 13:
#73: Jeremy Bonderman
#290: Jamie Burke (RC)
White Refractor #55: Travis Hafner (Numbered to 660)
The White Refractor cards used an identical white variation design as the Opening Day set from the same year.

#222: Bartolo Colon

Pack 14:
#284: Devern Hansack (RC)
#260: Derek Jeter
White Refractor #115: Vladimir Guerrero (Numbered to 660)Two White Refractors in a row! Guerrero signed with the Rangers a few months ago and could re-establish his slugger status in their park.

#156: Chris Capuano

Pack 15:
#224: Alex Rios
#158: Ichiro Suzuki
MHR210: Mickey Mantle
#144: Cliff Lee

Pack 16:
#122: Chris Young
#258: Eric Chavez
GN208: Ryan Howard
#180: Miguel TejadaThe 2002 AL MVP (remember that?) is back for a second stint with the Orioles. Hopefully he remembers to keep his attitude straight. He’s having trouble keeping his age straight as it is.

Pack 17:
#99: Jeff Francis
#177: Victor Martinez
White Refractor #264: Mark Teixeira (Numbered to 660)All of a sudden, these White Refractors are popping up left and right. Not that I’m complaining.

#327: Joe Smith (RC)

Pack 18:
#300: Vinny Rottino (RC)
MHR290: Mickey Mantle
#129: Kenji Johjima
Uh... what? This is the Japanese variation of Kenji Johjima’s card. I believe Ichiro and Dice-K have a Japanese variation card as well.

#254: Justin VerlanderNot sure why the RC logo is on here.

Pack 19:
#9: Jason VaritekVoted alongside Alfonso Soriano as most overrated player in baseball by Sporting News. How he made the All-Star team in 2008 while struggling to bat his own weight, I’m not sure.

#213: J.J. Hardy
White Refractor #232: Jose Vidro (Numbered to 660)Oh no, don’t put any blue refractors in the box, just give me all the white ones.

#6: C.C. Sabathia

Pack 20:
#302: Drew Anderson (RC)
#51: Joe Blanton
Refractor #157: Juan Encarnacion
#308: Josh Fields (RC)Fields found some success with the White Sox through 2007-2009, but unfortunately lost playing to phenom Gordon Beckham and superstar Mark Kotsay. He was traded along with Chris Getz to the Royals for Mark Teahen in November.

Pack 21:
#146: Endy Chavez
#170: Melky Cabrera
MMS2: Mickey Mantle
#305: Shane Youman (RC)

Pack 22:
#97: Robinson Tejada
#38: Lastings Milledge
Refractor MMS30: Mickey Mantle (Numbered to 500)Another Mantle refractor, only numbered higher. Hey, a numbered card is a numbered card.

#246: Brian Bannister

Pack 23:
#45: Scott Rolen
#147: Ramon Hernandez
Refractor #329: Jeff Baker (RC)
#108: Jimmy Rollins“Of course we’re going to win. If we’re nice, we’ll let it go to six. But I’m thinking five. Close it out at home.”

Pack 24:
#218: Alex RodriguezRemember what he did last year on a bad hip and a missing month? He’ll be ready on Opening Day, and healthy. Scary.

#277 Chase Wright (RC)
GN364: Nick Swisher
#192: Jose Reyes

Overall, I was pleased with the break, especially since I got it for a very good price. The Matt Kemp red refractor was easily the hit of the box, along with some refractors of solid players. I’m a little upset that I didn’t pull a Halladay, but that’s why God invented eBay.