Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rewards from the 206 Break (And Some 206 News)

How long has it been since I last posted? A few weeks? A month? Where does the time go? I’ll tell you where… school and football. I’ve never been so overwhelmed before. It’s my senior year, man, give me a break! Soon college searching will go full throttle and my free time/baseball card time will disappear faster than Dakota Fanning’s career. I’ll try to pick up the pace on the blog and trading with other bloggers (I still owe cards to two very patient people… I am waiting for the lazy owner of my LCS to open so I can go get some good cards for you guys), but if you see long stretches of absence, you know why.

Now, enough of that crap. Paul from the great Carl Crawford Cards held his monthly group break… 2010 Topps 206. Or 2010 Topps T-206. Beckett has it officially listed as 206, and the box itself says 206, but everywhere else is T-206. I so confused! Regardless of what the name is, I jumped into the break with two slots, the Yanks and Royals. I came out with a lot of good stuff, would you like to see?

A whole stack of base, highlighted by these guys.
Some Core Four Bronze.
A sweet A-Rod SP.
Those oh-so-awesome minis.The first row is American Caramel, the second row is Polar Bear, the third row is Piedmont, and the Nick Johnson is Old Mill.

And these two hits. Damn, I love framed hits.

And Paul was kind enough to send a ton of Red Sox! Wasn’t that nice of him? You sick, sick man.

Now, I’m caught in a dilemma. I love the set. I love the texture of the cards, the framed relics and autos, the mini-inserts, and the bronze parallel. Problem is how should I go and collect the set? I would prefer to crack a box or two of this stuff over trading for it, that way I can knock out a ton of the checklist and get some hits to boot. Cash is tight though… I’m not working until football season ends (Thanksgiving). I obviously can’t afford two boxes. If any bloggers out there have some spare 2010 Topps 206s, please, please, please contact me. I’ll take anything from relics to base cards of Brandon Inge. The only cards I have are Yankees, Royals, and Red Sox base, a good chunk of bronze Yanks and some bronze Royals/Red Sox, and all the minis and relics mentioned above. I have a redemption for a Jeff Francis auto coming in along with a healthy cut of Mini Historical Event inserts from the bay. Any help would be appreciated!

Will check back in soon with a box break I did a while ago. We’re pushing two weeks for me to scan in the cards. Yeesh.