Monday, January 2, 2012

How Time Has Flown

Hello everyone, I hope everything is going well.  I am currently enjoying my Winter Break by doing absolutely nothing of value... quite refreshing I assure you.  I successfully finished my first semester of college and am looking forward to finish the year.

I just wanted to comment on an eBay item that I've been watching for quite some time.  Someone had collected the entire 2009 SP Authentic By the Letter Derek Jeter Auto Patch set (a whopping ten of them) and had the "1/1" item listed for $10,000.  The item was last updated in October 2010 and has been sitting idle for some time, although I can't say I'm too surprised by this.  We all know Jeter's fanbase, but dropping ten grand on ten cards?  There's bills to be paid.

The item finally sold a few weeks ago for a cool $7,500.  Not bad for the seller, although I feel that's still about 2k higher than I would have went if I had the money.  Eh, as long as the buyer and seller are happy.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!